Beautiful Nail Art Design Ideas & trends 2021

Beautiful nails - the continuation of the style of women. Modern fashion dictates certain trends that are strictly followed by the lovers of nail art. Depending on preferences, scope of activity and necessity, trends in manicure change. The most versatile is the gentle design.

To make your hands look well-groomed and beautiful, you do not need to have special skills and abilities - just enough to have the desire and a little effort. And then people will definitely notice the beauty of your nails.

Among the trends in manicure 2021, the fashion for delicate nails, the style of which is suitable for a casual look, dress code, and for special occasions, is basic. Contrary to opinions, gentle manicure is far from boring.

In 2021, delicate designs are complemented by drawings, glitter, rhinestones, pearls, mica, rub, powder and even acrylic 3D patterns.
Beautiful Nail Art Design Ideas & trends 2021
Write in the comments which of the designs you liked the most. Also share your original ideas for nails design, which are easy to put into your home.