25 Best Summer Nails Colors & Trends 2024

Summer is the perfect time to show off your nails, and there are endless possibilities to choose from. Here are some top summer nail designs to inspire your next trip to the salon.

Summer is the perfect time to show off your creativity with fun and colorful nail designs. Whether you’re going to the beach, attending a wedding, or just hanging out with friends, a stylish manicure can add a touch of glam to any outfit. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the hottest summer nail designs that are sure to turn heads and make a statement.

summer nail designs


Swirls Nails
Swirls nails are a colorful and funky way to add some interest to your manicure. You can choose two or three colors and swirl them together on each nail to create a unique look. You can even add some glitter to really make your nails pop.

summer nail designs


Ombre Nails
Ombre nails are a classic and stylish way to add some color to your nails. Choose two or three colors that complement each other and blend them together on each nail. You can experiment with different color combinations and shades to create a unique look.

summer nail designs


Floral Nails
Summer is all about blooming flowers, so what better way to celebrate than with some floral nail art? You can choose to do a full floral design on each nail or just add a few flowers as an accent. The options are endless, so have fun and get creative.

summer nail designs


Bright Neons Nails
Nothing says summer like bright neon colors. Whether you prefer a bold hot pink or a bright yellow, neon nails are sure to make a statement. Mix and match different neon colors or add some glitter to really make your nails pop.

summer nail designs


Beach Nail Design
Bring the beach to your nails with some beach-inspired designs. Think palm trees, waves, and seashells. You can even add some sand or glitter to make it feel like you’re walking on the beach.