40+ Burgundy Hair Colors & Styles

Burgundy hair is popular among women of all ages who wish to look brighter. There are many tones of burgundy so that every woman can find the most flattering shade for her complexion.
Usually, a cool burgundy hair color that includes much violet and red will compliment women with ebony, olive, or pink complexions. And a warm burgundy hair color will work for women who have golden or peachy skin tones. But we can reassure you that you can find your perfect burgundy even if your complexion is not that easy to compliment.
Burgundy hair toes the fine line between red and purple; it is a rich color that is just natural enough to squeak by strict hair color regulations while still giving the gal who rocks it the freedom to express herself. If you’re stuck in a color rut, why not try taking burgundy out for a spin?

We’ve collected 47 gorgeous burgundy hair color ideas and styles that would look great with this sexy, rock-star hue. Go a bit outside your comfort zone and make an appointment with your stylist today to rock your new maroon or burgundy hair color!

Burgundy Hair Colors & Styles